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For thousands of years, street food culture has enriched the towns and cities of India with vibrant colours, heady aromas and unforgettable flavours that everyone should encounter in a life well lived.

But if nipping over to Delhi, Goa or Kerala doesn’t quite fit in with your schedule, come to The Cat’s Pyjamas and revel in the authentic Indian experience right here in Leeds.

Headingley might not share India’s tropical climate, but the Yorkshire weather has not kept our chefs from capturing the essence of legendary dishes and serving them with their own flourishes of brilliance.

And if you like your curries cooked and served by all-Indian staff who really know their chaat from their chole and their matar from their molee, we are the only game in town. Our team is proudly headed up by the only female head chef in the business and, luckily for you, she has found her calling in life: bringing the grandees of Indian street food to Leeds and tailoring them to your palette.

Because who needs gimmicks when we’re sending out dish after legendary dish, refined to delight your taste buds when washed down with our local craft beers, wines, ciders and lassi.

Book yourself a table or wander in on a whim – you’ll get a warm welcome whenever you arrive before we awaken your taste buds and show you just why we really are The Cat’s Pyjamas.


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